Resilient Kids

Resilient kids is an inspirational nature based neuro-sequential cognitive programme aimed at children between the ages of 5 and 12.  These children have often been identified as having observable difficulties within the home, classroom or within social situations especially  in areas of executive function, emotional regulation, and social interactions. 

Resilient kids can and is also run within the home setting. This programme works with small family groups or 1:1 supporting emotional regulation, social skills and integration of motor skills through play centred learning

  • Frequently Identified goals of the programme are: 
  • To develop resilience through practical activities 
  • To develop social and emotional language/regulation skills through role modelling and creative play 
  • Promote inner stillness through mindfulness and yoga inspired activities. 
  • To develop key cognitive skills, in particular those of self- regulation, attention, goal setting, self- management and self- efficacy. 
  • To develop integrated bilateral motor skills 
  • Building confidence and motivation 
  • Developing gratitude, empathy and a positive outlook 

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